YUSU Working Hard to Create a Better University for After You’ve Gone

February 11, 20111 minute read

Let me tell you about all the exciting things that we, your elected representatives, are working to get ready for just after you graduate.

Firstly, Sam is doing a great job organising an incredible 4G Astroturf that is going to dramatically improve the experience of sports teams just after you leave them forever. Additionally, York is going to finally have a swimming pool and I think all students can look forward to the use the year below you will be getting out of the new facilities.

Meanwhile, Dan has got some ambitious plans that will drastically improve the Courtyard and he has told me that he intends to get the changes done just one week after you graduate. Keep up the good work, Dan!

It’s not an easy job but we’re motivated to keep going by the thought of a better student experience, not starting ten years from now, or five years from now, but starting the day after your graduation ball.

Tim Ngwena as told to an author unknown, issue 5, 2010

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