York Tories Accidently Host Fox Bunting Social

July 08, 20222 minute read

Blaming a rare typo on their weekly newsletter, the University of York Conservatives were forced this week to host a fox-bunting crafting social. A spokesperson for the York Tories exclusively told Nouse that ‘our committee always strive to communicate clearly with the regular plebs below us in our society, however when writing the announcement of our fox hunting social we became distracted by the tragic news of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill not making it through parliament, so a spelling mistake slipped through while we emotionally recovered’.

Unfortunately, nobody on the committee realised the mistake before the event itself and the group, donning full fox and hunter costumes, turned up to Courtyard only to be greeted by dozens of eager art fans all wanting to make cute bunting of foxes. ‘I didn’t suspect anything was weird at all!’ one fresher said after the event. ‘I just really love foxes! Sure I was disappointed to read that there was no fox hunting where we could chase those small guys around York to give them treats and pats on the head, but it was still fun to paint their faces on little flags while talking about the swarm of socialism with like minded people!’

This was not the first time a society has fallen victim to a typo. Several years ago the then-Sports President accidentally signed off on introducing water polio to the university, forcing the whole of West Campus to isolate while the lakes were sterilized. And there is still much debate as to which typo caused more trauma; Cat Society being rebranded as Cats Society with members forced to watch the 2019 film weekly, or when a particularly unfortunate autocorrect led to Dog Society hosting its meetings in a dark abandoned field near a car park. 


Written by Dan

Editor of The Lemon Press, Hero to The Masses, Legend of The Streets

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