US withdraw from Derwent College after failed 20 year war against Asbestos

October 07, 20211 minute read

The Biden administration has followed through with the deal the Trump administration struck with asbestos, to withdraw from Derwent college.  The US invaded Derwent after the world trade centre was attacked, in order to end the threat asbestos presented to the United States and Derwent was known to be harbouring asbestos. The invasion involved all Nato countries, and the US setting up a democratic JCRC, which has now been overthrown by Asbestos, which has also been filmed in the politics offices celebrating its successful take over.

Derwent President Harry James, promised to stay and fight the Asbestos take over, but it is understood that he has already fled the college.

The British evacuation of Derwent College has prioritised evacuating the campus waterfowl, over the actual people who live there, which is fair enough if you’ve ever met anyone from Derwent.

Despite promising to not give people cancer this time, Asbestos has already given several people cancer.

Chris Small


Written by Chris

Co-Editor of the Lemon Press, known subversive. If spotted please report to MI5

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