Types of Scams

July 08, 20221 minute read

Here at The Lemon Press we care about student wellbeing and so like to inform you of some scams that have been affecting students. This is our guide to scams to help you become more aware:

Phishing Scam: The price of Ben & Jerry’s Phish food in the vending machine is a scam. The price is unbelievably high and the tubs are even smaller than you’d think. Avoid if possible.

Fishing Scam: We’re pretty sure fish can’t survive the toxic waters that surround the University of York, any attempt to convince you to feed the fish as some sort of romantic activity is a con. You’re more likely to be throwing fish food into someone’s discarded vape.

Free Pizza At Society Meetings and Elections: I’ve never actually been to a society meeting but I just don’t really believe it to be honest. You always hear stories about how people turn up after the pizza is gone as though it was ever there.

Dog Society: Buying the DogSoc membership just before dog meet ups had to be suspended due to insurance issues, very annoyed. Not really a scam I guess because it’s been fixed now but I just needed to vent.

YuSnow: Not really a skiing society, it only snows once or twice a year in York at best. No point really is there?

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