‘There Were Three of Us in This Twitch Stream’: Bashir Admits Faking Footage of Princess Diana’s Gamer Meltdowns

October 16, 20211 minute read

The journalist and BBC correspondent Martin Bashir has confessed that large parts of the footage used to obtain an interview with Princess Diana was faked, admitting that the late Princess of Wales would never use such vile language while gaming. In the famous interview, Bashir asked if Diana regretted her choice of words during her Dark Souls speedruns, and whether or not such heated gamer moments had a place in the gaming community. The interview not only called Diana’s gamer skills into question, but also stimulated thought-provoking discussions about the royal family’s role in modern Britain.

However, the footage of her royal highness, apparently in fits of intense gamer rage, were recently discovered to be deepfakes. The investigation that followed resulted in the resignation of Bashir from the BBC and the revived adoration of Diana by streamers all over the world.

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