Swedish Party Leader’s Prime Ministerial Speedrun

July 08, 20221 minute read

In an effort to reach out and increase support among the hardcore gamers of Sweden, Magdalena Andersson of the Social Democrats attempted a speedrun of being Prime Minister. She was declared Prime Minister at 10:00 and finished her term as Prime Minister at 16:00. 

It is unclear what the effect will be because this is only considered an 80% completion speedrun due to the fact that no laws were passed. At the moment the response seems mixed, some seem pleased with the effort to focus on this rarely discussed demographic however some members of the community are referring to the effort as a ‘noob play’. 

It is rumoured that the leader of the Moderate Party Ulf Kristersson may attempt to one-up Andersson with a more complete speedrun within the next few weeks

Matt Davis

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