Help! We Showed Sigmund Freud The Internet and Now He’s Banned From r/Freud

October 17, 20211 minute read

This is quite an embarrassing story for us really. We got together and brought Sigmund Frued back to life (please don’t ask, it’s a surprisingly boring story) just to see what his reaction would be to the internet. We know, it’s immature to dabble in necromancy, but we thought that we could get some funny reactions to him seeing all the Stepmom jokes and daddy memes. 

Instead, Sigmund managed to immediately find r/Frued and within an hour his account was banned from the subreddit. It all happened so suddenly, at first he was just insisting on using the phrase ‘Fehlleistungen’ in every reply, and by the time we checked on him again he was using several slurs in an argument with user ‘darealfreud’. We tried to explain to the mod team that it was a different time back then, but they kept the ban up. 

Now he’s spent the past few hours just scrolling through pages of Google search results for ‘mothers’, somebody help us undo the ban please, soon he’s going to discover something he shouldn’t see and – wait hang on is that a 4chan page SIGMUND NO! 


Written by Dan

Editor of The Lemon Press, Hero to The Masses, Legend of The Streets