Conservative MPs Form a Tiktok Hype House

July 08, 20221 minute read

Due to recent arguments within the Conservative Party, a group of Conservative MPs have decided to break away from the Tory party and indeed politics altogether to form a TikTok Content House. The move is rumoured to have been led by Michael Gove who made the decision for this career change a little while after his killer dance moves were spotted in the wild. When asked to comment on the matter Mr. Gove said “well, ultimately it’s always been a dream of mine to join a TikTok content house, what better time to do it than now, especially when I can convince other MPs who are looking for a job to do it with me. You should see Matt Hancock doing the worm!”

It is rumored that the content house will focus on coming up with dances to club remixes of Margaret Thatcher’s speeches. So make sure to look out for the new Gove-led TikTok trend, following in the footsteps of Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae. It’s the Conservative Party Hype House.

Matt Davis

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