Best Places To Lose Your Virginity Around York

January 13, 20221 minute read

Greg’s Place: On the condition that it is with someone named Greg. Bonus points if it’s Greg Dyke. 

York Minster Steps: Whole new meaning to ‘oh god’ 

Van Gogh Experience: Rub one off in Vincent’s face as a lifetime of rejection led him to the building you are in. 

York Poundland: Clues in the name 

The Vanbrugh Warren: Bunnies do it there, but don’t do it with the bunnies. 

Cat Cafe: Get that pussay 

Fairhurst Library: Your allowed one ‘studious buzz’, so you’ll have to decide between you who gets it 

Hull: All the Students are there. Plus the news won’t travel back to campus 

Cameron Stenhouse, image credit Iwan Stone

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