Alternatives To Becoming The Joker

October 16, 20213 minute read

Doesn’t it feel like everyone is claiming to become The Joker these days? If you still want to have a highly-characterised breakdown whilst still being original about it, here are some alternatives. 

Megamind – Instead of letting all your chaotic energy out, let it go to your head and keep it there instead! By becoming Megamind everyone will still see how clever you are, and you can do all of it without spending a penny on face paint (breathplay kink may be required for this step). 

Harley Quinn – Finally! A Joker alternative for females! This is such a win for girlbosses everywhere, an intelligent medical queen driven mentally broken by their Jokerfied boyfriends! I’m so glad this character has become one of the biggest characters of this generation of film! 

Mr Bean – Mr Bean has definitely suffered gravely traumatic events in his past. Mr Bean has definitely inflicted equally horrific atrocities in revenge. But that was in the past, and now Mr Bean walks through all the chaos he has caused with a calm neutral look. You don’t need to waste energy to be unaffected by society, just stroll through it with a British expression on your face. 

James Corden – How do you deal with a society full of people who hate you? Simply refuse to acknowledge the hate! You can hip-thrust and belittle your way through life just by pretending everyone loves it, and before long you will have a Youtube algorithm dedicated to serving you!

The Riddler – Green-themed clothing? Tick. Batman’s nemesis? Tick. Shows off how intelligent he is on a regular basis? Tick. But if you’re not funny enough to make jokes, become The Riddler so you only have to use somewhat-confusing statements to trick your enemies. 

Mr Tumble – A Joker for kids, all it takes is one bad day of Roblox server outages to break even the most noble 5 year old. Fun fact, Mr Tumble never actually signs what he’s saying, he’s always just signing out extracts from Infinite Jest!

Mark Hamill’s ‘Joker’ – Right, we need to have a word. All of you ‘normal’ people have been throwing the term ‘Joker’ around when referring to Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ from the film ‘Joker’.  But that has Never been who The Joker is at all, he’s not some antiheroic product of society, he’s a batshit-mad charismatic psychopath who hangs around with people like Condiment King and Kiteman. He would never be broken by society, it’s a fucking cartoon, stop trying to drag this entire character into it just because you struggle to pronounce ‘Jockqueen Feenicks’s Joker’ correctly. I’m mad. I’m laughing. I’m actually laughing. I am going to become the Joker to stop you people misusing the term Joker. 


Written by Dan

Editor of The Lemon Press, Hero to The Masses, Legend of The Streets

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