7 Signs Your Exam Is Just a Prank by The Prank Patrol

January 12, 20223 minute read

Here they come, they’re on a roll, but are the Prank Patrol making a stop in YOUR house to prank you with a seemingly-impossible exam? Here are seven ways you can spot if your exam is just a harmless prank.

1 – Your friend is being overly nice and helpful, why are they doing that? I bet they are just setting you up to be in the perfect location for a series of wacky hijinks to occur, but instead of the prank being explosions or aliens it is just a PDF file destroying your dream of getting a first.

2 – The tensest part of any Prank Patrol show was when the prankee contacts the victim to set up the prank. I reject any offer to go out with friends or relatives out of fear that they could be pranking me, so if the university contacts you, it could be a sign that you’re about to be pranked! If you’ve opened the exam it means they have already got to you, but to avoid this in the future block everyone who works for the university, you can’t risk being pranked twice!

3 – You couldn’t make a show like Prank Patrol these days, because nobody younger than 15 knows who Barney Harwood is, so if there are any stories in your area about terrified children being taken away in a big van by a man in his 40s, that almost definitely means the Prank Patrol is in your area and YOU could be next! 

4 – You keep seeing a pair of purple ninjas running around. This should be the main giveaway really, not sure why this wasn’t reason number one. 

5 – All the pranks had a personal touch, so check to see if the exam questions have been designed to specifically piss YOU off. If all the questions are on your weak areas that you hope wouldn’t come up whilst everyone else seems happy with the questions that were asked, that’s not due to you being generally bad at the module, that’s a sign you’re being pranked by the Prank Patrol baby! 

6 – Barney Harwood loves to insert himself into every prank, so be on the lookout of where the former I’m-A-Celeb-contestant-longlister could be hiding! Does the ridiculously hard question that isn’t covered in the lectures mention a ‘Harney Barwood’? Is the flatmate who was previously getting increasingly concerned about your mental wellbeing suddenly wearing a novelty mustache and sounding more Lancastian as you rant about how the lecturer has absolutely fucked you over? He could be anywhere, so make sure you are carrying mace. 

7 – At the end of every episode, there is a big reveal where everyone comes out to reveal the ruse. If you have finished your exam and haven’t seen a sign you have been pranked, just wait for it, I am sure someone is going to walk out from the wardrobe you’re currently crying beside with a loved one laughing at you! I bet they just need more crying footage for the b-roll, try looking distraught at a slightly different angle, they’ll all come out with the real exam soon…


Written by Dan

Editor of The Lemon Press, Hero to The Masses, Legend of The Streets